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Inline commands

There are a variety of commands that you can enter directly in a channel's chat bar - and the list is growing.

To enter a slash command:

  1. Open a channel.
  2. In the chat bar, enter / (a forward slash).
    A list of available commands appears above the chat bar. 
    The commands you see depend on your member type.
  3. Select the command, and then enter any additional information shown in brackets.



Starts an AirSend meeting initiated by you.

/channel_locale [new locale (optional)]

Shows the channel locale and optionally, changes it.


Shows an inspiring message.

/invitee_role [manager|collaborator|member|viewer (optional)]

Shows the current default role for users invited to the channel and optionally changes it.

/join_role [collaborator|member|viewer (optional)]

Shows the current default role for users who join the channel by public link and optionally, changes it.

/kick [@user] [--ban (optional)]

/me [emote message]

Message is preceded by your name.


Disables notifications from the channel.


Enables notifications from the channel if they have been disabled.

/transfer_ownership [@user]

Transfers ownership of the channel to the target user.