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The AirSend - Email connection


AirSend and email work together seamlessly, making it easy for you to:

  • Continue to work in AirSend while you interact with channel members who don't have AirSend accounts.
  • Receive notifications about your channels' actions when you're not logged in to AirSend.
  • Forward email messages to an AirSend channel to keep the email content at hand or to create a task from it.

From email, you can send a message to the channel's email address:

The message appears in the AirSend channel:

From email notifications of messages, you can send a reply that appears in the channel:

  1. Open the notification in email.
  2. Reply to the email notification directly in email.
  3. Your reply appears in the AirSend channel.

From the channel, you can send a message to a member's email inbox.

  1. Enter @ in the message and choose the member.
  2. Complete the message and send it.

    In addition to appearing in the channel, the message appears in an email sent to the @ user.


By default, you receive notifications about all AirSend channel actions by email, but you can change notification settings to just receive notifications related to you or to turn off notifications entirely.